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Your Monkey Mind Articles are dedicated to helping you to begin your very own Monkey Mind Connection. Because Your Monkey Mind is the bridge to your inner wisdom and the key to your creative mind, we hope you enjoy reading the following articles and in return, share them with your friends!
What's the connection between Cardinals & Monkeys?
Can there really be some kind of connection between Cardinals & Monkeys? Believe it or not, both monkeys and cardinals tend to play a pivotal role in their connection with human beings, and by recognizing this connection, a much greater understanding of the human mind, as well as the human spirit may be obtained.  Read More...
Could Psychic Monkeys Be "The Missing Link"?
In 2003 a study was conducted at Duke University, rhesus monkeys were taught to consciously control the movements of cursors and robotic arms using nothing more than feedback from a video screens and their thoughts. Yes, monkeys were actually moving objects with their minds!  Read More...
Has Your Monkey Mind Gone Bananas?
If your answer is yes, my answer is congratulations! Going bananas may just be the best thing there is for both you and your monkey mind. Have you ever wondered where that silly expression came from in the first place?  Read More...
The Secret is Out, 'Your Monkey Mind Connectioní is the Key!
Could the ultimate key to your inner wisdom, actually be found in that disruptive mental chatter called "Your Monkey Mindí? According to the latest Monkey Mind Guru, Jeanne Marie Antoinette, you can bet your bananas on it!  Read More...
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